RebeccaRebecca Fields opened Premiere Dance in 2009 with hopes to spark a movement of dance interest in dancers of all ages throughout the community. Rebecca received her most recent training in dance while completing her minor in dance at the University of Kentucky. While attending the University of Kentucky, Rebecca completed her Masters of Science in Interior Design, Merchandising and Textiles after receiving her Bachelors of Science in Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles as well as a business minor.
Before attending the university Rebecca was a student of dance at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Lexington, Kentucky from fourth grade until tenth grade. Rebecca trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Social Dance, and Ballroom at local Lexington studios throughout her dance career. She has been able to enjoy many opportunities to choreograph both group performance and solo dances through community events, workshops, and performances in Lexington.


Along with directing the Premiere Dance studio, Rebecca also served as the Children’s Dance coach at Southern Acres Christian Church for the Kidmovers performace group from 2009-2010 and taught for the Kiddie Kapers dance program though Parks and recreation during college. Rebecca hopes to spark her same passion for dance in students of all ages and looks forward to helping others creatively express themselves through movement while enjoying a relaxed social environment.


“It is my true passion to work with others and help them find what moves them to be a happier more whole individual. Whether it is dancing for fitness, the art of dance, or the socialization aspect of dance, I want to be there to help them find how dance can bring more quality to their life.” -Rebecca Fields.


Makenzie Maust

Makenzie is a former University of Kentucky dance team member born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. She started her dancing career at the impressionable age of three years old at Barbra Ann Dance Studio. She later continued her dance career throughout middle and high school. Makenzie loves studying all sorts of dances, but primarily focuses on hip-hop, pom, and jazz.


Steven and Regina Harris-

Grupo Balança Capoeira of Lexington


Steven “Bico” Harris

Steven Harris was born and raised in Lexington Kentucky. In 1999 he discovered Capoeira, and began practicing as a form of exercise. In 2005, he met Mastre Gildo Valu and began formal training in the Brazilian martial art.  Steven has continued his training, and in showing proficiency in the martial art, has earned the title of Gradjuador on September 24, 2013. Stevens nickname is Bico de Balance, which means beak of the balance in Portuguese; he was given this name because he is strong, pointed and focus like a eagles beak. Along with the formal martial art, Steven has learned to play the Djembe, berimbau (Brazilian stringed instrument) and the pandeiro (tambourine). Steven continues formal training, on the track to become Mastre Bico de Balance, in addition to teaching classes with his wife, Instuctor Regina (pega pega), at premier dance.



Regina “Pega Pega” Harris


Regina Harris was born and raised in Lexington Kentucky. Regina was introduced to Capoeira through her husband Steven “Bico” Harris in 2005. In the same year, she met her current Mastre, Gildo Valu, and her formal training began in Capoiera. September 24, 2013 marked the date when Regina earned the title of Instructor. In addition to earning the title of Instructor, she also recieved her name “Pega Pega.” Pega Pega, means both “crow” and “go and get” in Portuguese. She earned this name because she gets the job done. Along with the martial art, Regina has learned the art of the Berimbua (Brazilian stringed instruments), the Djembe, and the Pandeira (tambourine). Regina also teaches classes with her husband, Steven Harris (Bico), at Primer Dance of Lexington.